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Monk: Best Of Monk DVD

Monk: Best Of Monk DVD | $9.99

…Shalhoub is Monk, the quirky but brilliant private detective who compulsively works to keep the streets free of crime and litter. This two-disc set includes an episode from each of the shows eight seasons, all selected by the series award-winning creator, Andy Breckman. On the case with Monk are…
Mr. Monk Gets Even (Paperback) Book

Mr. Monk Gets Even (Paperback) Book | $7.99

…accidental deaths and suicides that he believes are actually murders. But when Monks suspect is killed, he must face the fact that he might be wrong. Have stability and happiness robbed Monk of his mojo? Meanwhile, Monks imprisoned arch nemesis, the morbidly obese criminal mastermind Dale the Whale,…
Mr. Monk Goes To Hawaii (Paperback) Book

Mr. Monk Goes To Hawaii (Paperback) Book | $7.99

Monk knows that dangerlike dirtlurks everywhere. Look at Helen Gruber, the rich tourist who took a fatal blow from a coconut. The police say it fell from a tree, but Monk suspects otherwise. His assistant, Natalie, isnt exactly thrilled about Monks latest investigation. It was bad enough that Monk
Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse (Paperback) Book

Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse (Paperback) Book | $7.99

Monk's house is being fumigated, and he has nowhere to go. Fortunately, his assistant Natalie and her daughter are kind enough to welcome him into their home. Unfortunately, their home is not quite up to Monk's standards of cleanliness and order. But while Monk attempts to arrange his surroundings…
Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu (Paperback) Book

Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu (Paperback) Book | $7.99

…thoroughly lovable Adrian Monk Monk is horrified when he learns there's going to be a blue flu in San Francisco-until Capt. Stottlemeyer explains that it just means the police plan to call in ''sick'' until they get a better contract.The good news is the labor dispute will give Monk a chance to get…
Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop (Paperback) Book

Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop (Paperback) Book | $7.99

Captain Leland Stottlemeyer relies on Adrian Monk to solve his most baffling cases, but when the captain is faced with budget cuts, Monk's fees are one of the expenses he trims. Monk is too compulsive to stop investigating; he resorts to calling in tips under assumed names, infuriating the captain.…
Monk: Season 5 DVD

Monk: Season 5 DVD | $19.98

…another season with Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Tony Shalhoub in all 16 Season Five episodes of Monk, television's most fresh and funny series. Gumshoe Adrian Monk would never actually have gum on his well-polished shoes: in addition to intellect and instinct, he also has Obsessive…
Monk: Season 4 DVD

Monk: Season 4 DVD | $19.98

…crime with Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner Tony Shalhoub in all 16 Season Four episodes of the quirky and amusing series Monk. Private detective Adrian Monk has brains, instincts, a photographic memory and more than a few Obsessive Compulsive Disorder's. These traits, his-ever present…
Monk: Season 7 DVD

Monk: Season 7 DVD | $19.98

…show Monk. Join him and phenomenal guest stars Brad Garrett, David Strathairn, John Turturro and more in 16 hilarious, unforgettable episodes - including the all-star 100th episode, Mr. monk's 100th Case! Despite his overwhelming fear of germs, crowds, small places and almost everything else, Monk
Monk: Season 1 DVD

Monk: Season 1 DVD | $19.98

…Guide) in Monk, the show that critics are praising as "Fresh, exciting and utterly original." (Chicago Tribune) Monk's hilarious, offbeat antics have made him unfit for duty but he's back as police consultant to help out on their most baffling cases. The brilliant but neurotic Monk is now fighting…
Monk: Season 8 DVD

Monk: Season 8 DVD | $19.98

…winner Tony Shalhoub is back for one last obsessively compulsive good time in the final season of the hit detective series Monk. From the very first moment detective Adrian Monk (Shalhoub) appeared on the scene, audiences have been hooked on this intelligent and irreverent sleuth who uses his quirky…
Monk: Season 3 DVD

Monk: Season 3 DVD | $19.98

The complete third season of the TV series Monk.
Monk: Season 6 DVD

Monk: Season 6 DVD | $19.98

…and quirkiest detective series, Monk, as every episode from the smash-hit sixth season comes to DVD on 4 discs! Tony Shalhoub reprises his 3-time Primetime Emmy Award- and Golden Globe-winning role as the brilliant but phobia-laden detective Adrian Monk, who never lets his obsessive-compulsive…
Monk: Season 2 DVD

Monk: Season 2 DVD | $19.98

Second season of the TV series stars Tony Shalhoub.
Monk: Premiere Episode DVD

Monk: Premiere Episode DVD | $19.98

Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Ted Levine. A witty and original detective series about a talented San Franscisco homicide investigator who battles criminals as well as his own fears of germs, heights, crowds, big places, small places and pretty much everything else. 2002/color/80 min/NR/widescreen.
The A-Team: Season 5 DVD

The A-Team: Season 5 DVD | $29.98

…their greatest challenges yet when the mysterious General Stockwell joins them to battle bad guys that include hit men, hijackers, and mercenary monks. Must-see Special Features include an interview with series creator Stephen J. Cannell. All good things must come to an end, but Mr. T and The A-Team…
The Equalizer: Season 1 DVD

The Equalizer: Season 1 DVD | $34.98

…stars, including Luis Guzman (Out of Sight), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and Tony Shalhoub (Monk). Nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes, The Equalizer is a provocative, action-packed murder-mystery series you won't want…
Columbo: The Complete Series DVD

Columbo: The Complete Series DVD | $149.98

Legendary Peter Falk is a four-time Primetime Emmy® Award-winner for his iconic role as the beloved, trenchcoat-wearing Police Lieutenant Columbo. Columbo is the landmark series that inspired a genre. And now, for the first time ever, all 69 episodes from its seven seasons and all 24 television…
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